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Floating a Ruby Job Announcement Twitter Experiment

Posted by Declan McGrath on 15 January 2020.

Three and a half years. That’s how long it’s been since the last blog post on rubyireland.com! Time flies, and Ruby has been rumbling along, powering startups and established companies across Ireland. One thing that we haven’t had a big focus on, during this time, is surfacing the job opportunites that are available in the Irish Ruby ecosystem. This is made particularly salient by the fact that rubyjobs.ie has gone unmaintained and needs a refurb in order to return it to active duty (until then, we’ve disabled it to avoid confusion).

Jobs Image

In the meantime, periodically tweeting out a ruby job announcement from a @rubyjobsie Twitter account (that we would retweet from the @rubyireland Twitter account) is been considered. This is, in part, forced upon us until the rubyjobs.ie is back up and running, and is also an experiment to see if it is useful for the community.

There would be strict limits, for example:

  • No more than one annoucement per week, ideally less than that.
  • Preference would be given to companies who have contributed to Ruby Ireland by providing hosting or speakers.
  • The same company wouldn’t feature in another job announcement for a period of 3 months (unless they were hosting/speaking at an upcoming meetup, and, even then, there would be a need sane limit).
  • Any jobs announced in this way would have a company name against it; no blind/anonymous jobs.
  • This is just a flavour of the limits that could be used to ensure that it is possible to get the word out about jobs without creating undue noise. No doubt, there would be a tweaking and evolution of such constraints over time.

Anyway, rather than springing a surprise on followers of the @rubyireland Twitter account, we’d love to hear your feedback. So get in touch on twitter at @rubyireland or post a message on the googlegroup (which also hasn’t seen much action in the last 4 years!).

Anyway, looking forward to a Rubyful 2020! Catch you at a meetup soon or online.