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Ruby/Rails meetup in Cork

There is a small Ruby Ireland group which meets in Cork on the first Wednesday of every month. This has been running since January 2010 (with a hiatus in 2011, but back in 2012-) and provides a informal setting for Ruby developers to meet

  • Where: Clarion Hotel lobby, Lapps Quay, Cork city
  • When: from about 7:30pm on the first Wednesday of every month
  • What: Informal discussions and demos on anything Ruby- or Rails-related, or in the
  • wider context of startups and tech news.
  • Who: Anyone interested in Ruby or Rails development. If you’re wondering what Rails is about we’ll be happy to demo an app, walk through some code and help you get started on your own.
  • Clarion Hotel Lobby

    Contact: Jamie Lawrence @ideasasylum (087 8035183). I usually try to wear a Ruby-themed t-shirt so hopefully we're easier to spot!

    Next Meetings

    Wednesday 5th March, 2014

    Wednesday 2nd April, 2013