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The "Tantalizing Tapas" Flavoured Event

Posted by Declan McGrath on 03 May 2011.

Are you interested in MongoDB, Rack and Sinatra? And some Web APIs and tapas for good measure?

Well then you’ll be super-excited to hear that on Tuesday May 10th, Oisin Hurley will be giving a talk on “Constructing Web APIs with Rack, Sinatra and MongoDB”. And yes there will be some tasty free tapas thrown into the bargain too! The speaker, Oisin Hurley, is a Rubyist and veteran of the Irish software sector. So digest what he’s got to say as we feed you at the Seagrass restaurant on South Richmond Street ( directions ).

Just in case you read that last paragraph too quickly - watch out that the event has changed from last month’s venue!

If you’re really lazy, you can get to South Richmond Street by taking any of these buses from the city-centre: 14, 15, 16, 16A, 19, 19A, 83, 65B, 74.

If you’re kinda lazy, you can catch the green-line Luas to “Charlemont”, a five minute walk East along the canal.

Or if you’re the healthy type, get a Dublin Bike from any bike station - there’s a stop just across the road. Otherwise just walk it. It ain’t that far!

Don’t be the one in the corner going hungry, sign up now to reserve your tapas plate! You can still come along if you haven’t signed up… and if you’re nice we might even give you some of the left overs…

“Ruby Ireland” is proudly sponsored by Jolt Online Gaming. And thanks to Dediserve for hosting rubyireland.com

And a massive thanks to Kevin Noonan for his tireless efforts with organising this event!

Also if you’d like to speak on May 10th, be it for a quick 5 minutes or something longer, then just let us know on the Ruby Ireland Google Group or just let fly on the night!