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Ruby companies make some noise!

Posted by Declan McGrath on 13 August 2010.

Today, we put out a call on the Ruby Ireland Google group for companies using Ruby to get in touch so that we can compile a list that can be put on the RubyIreland.com website. The response so far has been great so we’re looking to keep that momentum going. If you’re part of Ruby company then please drop us an email.

Why is this useful? Recently, there’s been an upswing in companies asking about how popular Ruby is in Ireland. It’s less risky for a company to adopt Ruby when they know they’re not the only one. It’s always encouraging to see other Ruby companies geographically close by - even if you’re only considering piloting a small new project or testing the waters with Ruby. In addition, it’s good for Rubyists seeking jobs to know what companies are out there. And in turn It helps Ruby companies with recruitment and a level of free marketing.

Who, me? If you’re not sure whether or not you should get in touch on behalf of your company then here’s one useful definition - what’s constitutes a Ruby company? The simple answer: any company that would hire a Ruby developer or already has a Ruby developer. So if that sounds like you then don’t be a stranger, drop us a line.