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Build it, bill 'em, bill 'em again...

Posted by Declan McGrath on 20 April 2011.

So one of the big things to come out of the success of the recent e-commerce talks is that there is a very real level of community interest in learning, contributing and sharing e-commerce knowledge and practices amongst members. Several people have mentioned that there is a lack of information on areas such as recurring billing, which seems to be for a variety of reasons.

In his excellent talk at Ruby Ireland last week, Matt Hutchinson helped to close some of that information gap. He’s kindly posted a write up on his blog and made the slides available online. As Matt noted, a lot of apps probably die before they get to the billing stage. And for those that do make it, the billing code is something they’d rather forget than blog about or present at a meetup.

This makes Matt’s talk, and the previous Spree talk by Brian Quinn, all the more valuable. So thanks guys!

Given the popularity of the topic I think it’s an area where there may be a few projects and common bits of code that we can all contribute to, as we integrate more billing code into our apps. This may well form a thread on the Ruby Ireland mailing list sometime soon!